Welcome to the website of the “Data Science and Digital Transformation Lab”, which belongs to the Department of Management Science and Technology of the University of Peloponnese. The DSDTLAB was established in 2022 (Government Gazette of Establishment: B502 – 09.02.2022).

The vision of DSDTLAB is to become a leading research and knowledge center focused on business analytics and digital transformation. DSDTLAB’s mission is to conduct excellent research, teaching and service delivery, as well as to produce new technologies and innovations to support businesses, organizations

It is a fundamentally a research laboratory whose mission is to serve research and educational needs in scientific fields such as, among others: business analysis, new technologies and business, business planning, climate data analysis, energy data analysis, smart cities, innovative applications, innovation in education, socio-economic analysis of individuals, digitization of health services, thus contributing to the connection of the DST Department with businesses and organizations in the public and

Visitors to the website can navigate through the Laboratory’s website and find out about its scientific, teaching, research and development activities, its members, its programmes and seminars, and its collaborations with other universities, businesses, organisations, research centres and professional bodies in Greece and abroad.

I hope you find the material on the website interesting and useful.

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Associate Professor Athanasios Anastasiou

Director of the DSDTLAB Laboratory